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The Feline Foundation of Maui helps communities on Maui stabilize and reduce stray and feral cat populations using TNR (trap, neuter, return). This humane solution to cat overpopulation has been proven effective around the world.

The TNR method works like this: cats are humanely trapped, sterilized, and returned to their original location. A caretaker provides food and water and makes sure that any new strays are spayed and neutered. The end result is a smaller population of healthy cats that are not reproducing.

Cat overpopulation will be a problem as long as the animals are reproducing. Trapping and killing the cats does not solve the problem long term. As the cats are removed and exterminated, more cats will move in. They will quickly reproduce and repopulate the area. This endless cycle of trapping and killing, and re-population is a miserable situation. The trapping and killing is a waste of resources and is inhumane, given that spay neuter is available.

For more in depth information about TNR please visit Alley Cat Allies website at


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